Carrier Bag
Double Layers Duffle
Die cut / Punched out handle bag
Flexiloop/ Soft loop carrier bag
Patched handle bag
String / Rope handle bag
Tube handle bag
Duffle / Beach Bag / Backpack
Clip closer handle bag
Trifold handle
Suit carrier
Rigid Loop handle bag
T-shirt bag
Wave Top Bag
Stylist bag widely adopted by prestige fashion and cosmetic elites. Option for bottom sealed/ side sealed/ with Side Gusset/ block bottom/ paperboard/ plastic board/ bottom gusset/ selections of string quality
Degradable, Compostable, Co-ex., CPE, CPP, Laminating, Natural Frozen, Transparent, Coloured, Embossed, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, PP
Colour of Materials:
Natural Frozen, transparent, coloured, pearl, fluorescents
4 colour process, screening, specific pantone, up to 12 colours print

String / Rope handle bag
Carrier Bag